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Is Tumblr A Good Fit For Your Business?

With more than 60 million accounts worldwide, Tumblr’s popularity has skyrocketed in the past year. Tumblr is a free micro-blogging platform that businesses are using to spread awareness about their brand. By posting and sharing images, video, audio, or short pieces of writing similarly to Facebook, you can create a strong brand identity. Combining the social sharing of Twitter and Facebook with an attractive, simple blogging platform, makes Tumblr a great way for businesses to develop brand awareness.

10 Free Online Websites To Help Market Your Business Online

Starting a business is the hard part, marketing it and continuing to market it are tasks which need to be done for the life of a business. This list of tools and resources which I use on a daily basis might help you too with your website, business and marketing efforts.

Website Hosting Combined With Marketing on a Budget: Pinterest

Pinterest is driving more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. So, if you as a business owner, have limited time in social media, Pinterest is the best return for your social media time because it equals more traffic to your website.

How to Market Your Restaurant in 6 Easy Steps

Starting a new business on a low marketing budget has traditionally been considered to be a tricky enterprise, but these days it’s a lot better. With the internet, search engines, social media and related services available at no cost, the new business owner can get their business name out there in front of the massess – fast – and way under budget.

How Webinar Marketing Can Help Your Business

In order for your business to truly thrive in today’s economic climate, it is important that you use every marketing method at your disposal. One of the most effective marketing methods that many businesses do not utilize is webinar marketing…

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