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content marketing

Content marketing can mean a lot for your business and it is not that hard

You have just heard that someone mentioned the term “content marketing”, so you got the idea that you should have already known about it, yet you are very embarrassed and do not want to ask anyone. Well, congratulations, this article is written just for your sake.

The Institute of Content Marketing, which is an online library of information for all the things that are related to content marketing, defines the concept of content marketing as such:

Content marketing happens to be the technique of marketing that has to do with the creation and distribution of relevant, consistent and valuable content in order to attract and eventually acquire a very focused potential consumer base – with the target of driving customer action that is profitable to the organization.

Valuable is the keyword here.

It is what differentiates this explanation from the one which can be describing almost any other form of marketing or advertising. You can really tell if some content out there is the kind that can be made part of your marketing campaign. Learn to see if people are really looking forward to it, if people really will be consuming it rather than outrightly avoiding it.

Such was the 2014 commercial of VW Game Day, that really was viewed on the YouTube channel around 20 million times, So was it an ad or was it content marketing?

The answer is that it was a bit of both, it really depended on how it was received by the individuals who got an exposure to it. The same also applies to almost any kind of marketing that you create around some content, depending on if the recipient of the content got any value out of it or was it just some content.

And yes, the target is always to provide a whole lot of value with the content marketing activities that you undertake to as large of the target consumer base as possible. After all this reading, and in spite of the explanation and the definition, you are probably still not clear on what content marketing is exactly all about.

We are sure a few examples will go a long way in bringing more clarity to the concept.

These are usually vertical, long graphics which include charts, graphs, statistics and such other types of information. Infographics can be very effective in the sense that if it is very good, then it can be shared across the social media channels and can be posted on your site for many years to come. You may be able to get a very good quality infographic that is designed professionally by seeking the services of a contractor or by hiring a professional content creating company.

A decently done infographic will typically cost you $1000 at least to get designed, but it can cost a lot more, several thousands of dollars, if you are going to hire an agency or a contractor to include planning, strategy, copywriting, design and research.

Then there is the issue with promotions of the infographic to the bloggers and to the media. You also have the option of setting up a board on the Pinterest platform and then curate infographics on topics that are related to the business you are in. This is also a type of strategy that can be called content marketing while it costs you nothing but just your time.

Web pages

What really is the difference amongst a regular web page and a page that is so full of content marketing? It is the SEO that makes all the difference in the world.
Just pick up any tools or resources you can find on SEO and you will know what we are talking about. Or look at some successful case studies. Most of the case studies end up being really boring.

Look for case studies that are fascinating. That really is the difference between just simply putting out some content on the site, and actually being in the realm of content marketing.


Some of the well-known authors of some great bestselling books have their podcasts downloaded almost 250,000 times every month. You should seriously be considering launching a podcast of your own.

A podcast provides you the visibility into an entirely different world – more so in the case of iTunes. There are a lot of people who say that they had never heard of the authors till they stumbled on them on iTunes.

Such podcasts for these authors meant more sales of their books, sign ups on their courses (if they were offering any) and more requests to get them in a speaker.


Take the case of Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a master of content marketing with the use of online videos. He has a huge following on his YouTube channel. He got started by creating the videos in order to promote the wine store his family owned and with the help of these videos and use of the other avenues of online marketing, he ultimately grew this to a staggering $45 million empire.

Podcasts and videos remain largely untapped forms of content based marketing just because most people tend to think of them as being hard and expensive. However, as the costs for equipment that is professional grade has been falling, creation of very high quality of videos and audio content becomes easier than it ever was.

Very amateur level video based content marketing is being used in selling blenders, launching newer dental products, and even to the extent of marketing of consulting services for getting a visa to Hong Kong.

What kind of video can you put together in the case of your organization that may change your fortunes just over a night?

It may be a lot easier than you may think.


Just as is the case with movies, people typically think that books sell for themselves, but marketers, who know their game, do not sell books merely for the sake of selling books, they use their books as their marketing tools.

It is now easier to publish your own book with the help of self-publishing tools. Still, a lot of people have the perception that it is very difficult and that only professionals with some repute can ever get to publishing their books on business.

We encourage you to publish on your own, even if not a whole lot of people get around to reading it, you would still be able to use it in the form of marketing based on content every time that you will be introduced as the: Author of…

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