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Why Are You An Internet Marketer?

Why do you spend your time and money marketing on the internet? Is it for the right reason?

Turning Customers Into Raving Fans

The value of turning your clients into raving fans is obvious – they become, in effect, an unpaid sales force that will bring you additional business. You just never know when the customer that you delight today will send you your next dream client.

Recommendations Beneficial To Beginning An Online Company

If you have at any time considered beginning an on-line business, you may have done some investigation online to attempt to get an idea of where to commence. If you’re like most folks, you undoubtedly were frustrated at the vast amount of related information around, and baffled as to what to trust. Truthfully, you’ll probably find more rip-offs out there than legitimate, money making opportunities.

Empowered Marketing, Gardening and An Amazing 75-Year-Old GED Taker

The point is, Mr. Culpepper may not know a single thing about internet marketing, but he embodied the greatest marketing techniques in that one single discussion than most marketers that I know completely miss.

Don’t Market to Organizations, Talk to People!

The quickest way to turn off potential clients is to send a cold, impersonal email that talks about your company rather than their challenges. Here’s how to connect with your prospects on a personal level.