Some of the best Twitter marketing strategies.

tweet marketing

Some of the best Twitter marketing strategies.

Work on your tweet marketing

With Twitter, you do not want to waste your effort and hence you want to convert as many people as possible to your followers and maybe you want to click on your website. When people click on your links, they are engaging with you. The way you do that is get a professional photo.

There are extra points if there is something bright about it so that it can stand out in a stream of tweets because most people when they read tweets, they do not read all of them. They see where their eye goes, and their eye is more likely to go to bright pictures. So if you have a bright photo or something very engaging in your photo that stands out, this will automatically get you that much more engagement right away.

Now when they click on your account, you want to have a nice background. You want to be professionally branded. The last thing you want to do with your account is you want to optimize that little bio about yourself. They only give you like 200 characters or so. What you want to do is accomplish a few things with this limited word count.

First of all, you want to get people interested, so talk about what you work on and what your interests are and definitely use the keywords because it is also a way to do your SEO. This is because your twitter account can show up in Google searches as well. Make it not just for search engines, but also for people so that they will follow you.

Obviously, put the link to your website so that people can go your website if they are interested.

Promote your account

So now that your account is branded, and it looks professional and people are going to find it cool, then let us talk about what to do next. Next thing you want to do is cross promote, especially if you are just starting with twitter, with your Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or any of the social media sites you are on.

This is because you want your followers to follow you on different platforms. This is because sometimes when you make a social media update, not all users see it. If you make your update on all social networking sites, a person may miss seeing you on Facebook, but they can see you on twitter. You also want to cross promote with different accounts.
Work with someone in that same industry so you can get some of their followers and they also gain by getting some of your followers.

Be an expert

This works across all social networks. You have to establish yourself or your business as the expert or one of the top experts in your business niche. What that is going to do is, if you are indeed seen as an expert, you will get more trust. People will follow you more frequently.

You will be able to sell more.

People will listen to you more closely to what you are saying and they will start clicking on your tweets. The best way to do that is actually just to post very insightful information.

However, if you are posting subpar information, people are not really going to see you as an expert and they are going to look at your posts as nuisance because maybe you made them click on an article that was not very good.

So, they had a bad experience.

You do not want that. You always want to tweet really great things and people will just respect you and really look at you as a knowledgeable entity. This will increase click through rates on your tweets.

This is how you build fans and people start re-tweeting you and they start engaging and that gives you that extra level of vitality.
Also, if you have a website, be sure to publicize your twitter handle there and also in your print ads. Have it in your in your email footers and stuff. Re-tweeting is really important because it can improve the SEO of the content.

Get some followers

Some people ask if they should buy twitter followers. This is a little of a controversial topic because some people see this as an unethical thing to do because they are not real followers and you are misrepresenting yourself.

However, the way people research you and they do this online pseudo research, they basically look at your number of followers, they look at your recent tweets and then they will decide if this person is interested, should I give them a chance to be their followers.

So, having that large follower account is what you need to get them interested and then with your tweets, you can sort of continue and keep them interested. So, buying twitter followers is a very common practice.

This will pull in new people and then in turn can help you in growing your following via retweets. I am not saying that you must do this, but it is an option that you can look into to boost your initial followers. It’s a viable strategy for the early game not the end game.

The followers you purchase may not be even real followers, but that will pull in more people when they look at your profile as now it looks more authoritative.
What you always want to do on twitter is network. You can network with anyone, your business peers who are extremely important because there is nobody else who understands better than them what you are going through.

Then there are the journalists who cover your business niche. Then there are the investors who cover your business niche. And even some people who are celebrities, whatever you may find interesting in following them.

Now everybody is one tweet away, everyone is one click away. You want to retweet other people’s things, commenting while postings, going to their blog post and commenting on that. Just get on their radar and get them to be familiar with you and warm up to you and when you need anything from them, it won’t be a cold contact.

Twitter also helps your SEO. So tweet good quality content that people would like to see and may be shared with others via retweeting.

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