OWN YOUR FUTURE: How To Create Your Success In 2021 | Dean Graziosi

If Only I Had More Time

When I started my Internet Marketing Business all I could think of was the excitement of finally being able to make a fortune on the internet. The internet hype gurus had totally convinced me that by working only a few hours a day I would be living the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous. It was a good thing to because I could just forego my normal television time and direct that time towards my business.

Online Business – How to Grow Through Word Of Mouth

Let me start with a simple question – is it easier to sell to an existing customer or acquire a new customer for your online business? If you’re giving great service to your customers then the answer is easy. It takes much less effort and money to make the second sale than the first sale.

As The Web Becomes More Complicated, Integrated Online Marketing Becomes Essential

No longer can online marketing departments segregate the types of advertising they do. Increasingly, email, PPC, social, SEO, and web analytics will have to project one cohesive whole and reflect an integrated marketing plan.

Consider These Points Before Committing to a Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

Internet advertising is a must for any product or service nowadays! The type of online advertising may vary from a new product or a well known brand.

Pay Per Impression – The Less Intrusive Marketing Strategy

Pay per impression is just one of the newly coined terms that have been borne out of the internet generation. Known for its swift communication, data capture and storage and phenomenal effect on business and commerce, it goes without saying that payment transactions would be a constituent part. Apart from PPI, there are many others related to automatic transfers of money: pay per sale, pay per lead, pay per call, pay per period and pay per affiliate, to mention but a few.