Most Important Email marketing tips

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Most Important Email marketing tips

Welcome Email Automation

When someone subscribes to your list, you have a golden opportunity to get an important message in front of them. Welcome emails are the most opened type of email and receive more click throughs than other type of email.

The simple act of sending a welcome email has proven to increase long term contact engagement and boost revenue, which means a quick win for your company. For this article we will be assuming that you will be using an email autoresponder. It is going to be close to impossible to deal with your subscription base without one.

This particular automation should trigger to run when someone submits a subscription form, then it will send them a welcome email. The automation will proceed to tag the contact if they clicked a link in the email, if they opened the email, or if they took no action.

Whatever tool you use should allow you to create your email template. Ensure that you have a call to action box on your email showing prominently.

The Challenge to get to the inbox

So, you are going to be sending emails to a list and this will satisfy the checkbox of email marketing. What we want to do is move you to a more effective means of sending, and that is going from sending to a basic list to sending your emails to segments. And the reason you want to do that is because, quite frankly, everybody is using email marketing.

It is no longer a secret tool that only those in-the-know had for their leverage to be successful. Now you have got corporations and small businesses of all sizes, entrepreneurs, they are all sending out emails, fighting for space in the inbox. Let alone would your email be less likely to be opened, it is getting even harder to reach that inbox.

What to do?

So, what you are going to want to do is not market like everybody else. You are going to want to create a more personalized experience that is specific to your contact so that when they do receive your email, the chances that they open it is going to be much higher than the competition or any other businesses that are flooding their inboxes along with the other emails.

And the way that you do that is by grouping. The official term grouping is segmentation. Segmentation is the process of grouping your contacts by similar attributes and/or actions. So if you were to say, send to a selected group of contacts, a subset of contacts on your list, all you would need to do is identify a similar attribute, for example a tag.

Now, this tag can represent many things. It could be as simple as a web page they have all visited, a link that they clicked on their email or perhaps it represents a product they have purchased or have shown interest in purchasing.

Maybe they love purple shirts and these people are your purple shirts segment. So, instead of sending a broad messaging to the entire list you have, you can now send specific messaging to these groups of people based on their tags.

Now what does that look like? Here is what it looks like. With traditional email marketing, of course, and we are going to use a target analogy here.

Think of two concentric circles with the outer circle representing the target and the inner circle being the bull’s eye. What traditional email marketing would allow us to do by sending emails to our lists is we can get to the target but not in the bullseye.

Now, I do not know about you. So I don’t know how many of you have played dart games, but there are not too many points you can rack up by staying outside of the bullseye, especially if you are playing against someone who is nailing the bullseye every single time.

So, we would submit to you that there is no reason that you cannot be nailing the bullseye every single time you send out your messaging. Well, how do you do it? The answer is very straight forward. This bull’s eye is hit by creating segments.

When you create segments from your list, you are able to ensure that you can send the right messaging to the right people and make sure that your marketing experience, the experience that you are giving to your prospects, your leads, your customers, is the most personalized and specific experience so that your results can increase.

Deliverability – No fun in ending up in spam

Now a huge problem is that your email lands in the spam box and does not even get to the inbox. So, make sure you ask your email autoresponder provider about their deliverability numbers. Deliverability is a moving target and you will never get 100% deliverability. So not all of your emails will get to the inbox and make you rich. However, your email autoresponder provider should have the skills to look at your account and fine tune the different dials to make it happen.

Open rate is one of the parameters used by providers like google, yahoo and Hotmail to categorize someone as a spammer or not. Another parameter is when people mark an email which did go to their inbox as spam. It increases the chances of that email sender being categorized as a spammer.

Another negative factor is bounce rates. If you end up sending a lot of emails to addresses that do not exist, it bounces off the provider’s server and gets counted the sending email address/domain as a spam sender. Having a double opt-in process is a good way to improve deliverability.

Double opt-in ensures the account’s existence as well as ensure that the user really is looking to join your list. Also, if you are using the feature of tracking if your email was opened by the end user, you should stop sending them emails after a certain number of times. This will hugely increase your chances of not being counted as a spammer.

So, keep these things in mind and good luck with your email marketing campaigns!

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