Marketing Strategy that Your Target Audience just Cannot Resist

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Creating a Marketing Strategy that Your Target Audience just Cannot Resist

You have ended up reading scores of blogs in the area of getting to know your specific target audience. As of now, you probably already know the personalities of your buyer so well, that you are now beginning to channel at them.

And it was just the other day, that you had given an introduction of yourself as Tom, the chef from a restaurant who is into fast cars and who wanted some automation for the purposes of email marketing.

However, deep in your heart, you do know that all is not all right. You seem to know your target pretty well, but it seems like your target does not yet know you.

What should you, as the owner of a business, do with all this data and research and the millions of nice words that are written about target audience? How will you be able to use this gathered information in order to optimize your personal marketing strategy to boost sales?

The truth remains, that to research and define the target audience happens to be just a half of the actual equation. Knowing who all you are marketing to happens to be all good, but really getting to apply all that knowledge in your strategy for marketing is what is really going to be helping in the growth of your business and your eventual success.

Marketing that really means something

We have all been hearing about the 4 Ps about marketing, haven’t you? Well, if you have not, they are acronyms for Product, Place, Pricing and Promotion.

These terms really are referring to the biggest of the business decisions which marketers have to make when they are bringing a new service or a product to the market.
Just think about it – if you really wanted to start a new business, you will need to be knowing what you are going to sell (product), what its situation in the market would be (place), how much are you going to charge for it (price) and how would you go about promoting it (promotion).

All of such decisions are the real soul of a good marketing plan for any given business.

As an owner of a business who is working on such questions, you may tend to feel that the answers primarily revolve around the product that you are offering, your brand or may be your competitors.

This cannot be any far from the actual truth.

To determine your four Ps (which is making up the marketing plan) actually means revolving around just one main item and that is your targeted audience.

Just try to imagine your business as a planet, and then you will look at your targeted audience as the sun. All your business operations, the decisions you make and the promotions you run all revolve around how they act.

And while you have centered the efforts of your marketing around the targeted audience, you are guaranteed that you will be heard, you will be seen and you will be understood.

But how would you ensure that the marketing activities being carried out by you are really getting inspired by the target audience?
Let us break it down now.


To define your targeted audience is perhaps the biggest and the most painful step. It is also where lots of people stop dead right in their tracks.
While the process of nailing down your targeted audience is really important, it is hardly the ultimate step of the whole process, conducting all this great research and not really applying it to the business will be a huge waste of energy and time.

And, as well, meaning business owners, time is the most important resource for us and we just cannot afford to submit it to waste.


So you have now nailed down your targeted audience. You now know exactly who you are marketing to and who you are selling to. Great!
Let us now talk about how you will be applying all this research in the context of your business.


As with most entrepreneurs, their minds are always busy with the ideas and the notions about how they can improve their own lives and at the same time, others; lives too.
We will bet that such ideas must have worked as a catalyst when you started your present business – or maybe the business that you are looking to start. But in all this clutter, how will your target audience fit in this scene.

The audience that you are targeting should be playing a vital role as part of the business right from the first day. Some business owners tend to think that their targeted audience is not important for their strategy until the service or the product have been conceptualized, but that is not at all true.


This part of the marketing plan may be found to be the hardest for you to get away from.

As you are dealing with the cost and the market price related to your service or product, it is very important that you ensure that your pricing decisions are definitely inspired by a very deep understanding that you have of your targeted audience.


The place of your business, in this case, is referring to the physical and mental location. A lot of business owners, when they launch their company, just go ahead and get any property that is available in the market and in the minds of their business.

You should choose your position in the market by considering a lot more narrowed down options and you should be intentional in your choice. This is done so that you end up at a place that resonates with everyone who would be coming across the place and feel immediately motivated, equipped and interested in making a purchase.


Promotion happens to be probably what most individuals start thinking about whenever they think of any kind of marketing.
Promotion essentially is the advertising section of the marketing plan. It relates to what, where and how you will be sharing your business or your brand with the target audience.

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