IIINNN THIS VIDEO show you how to start in affiliate marketing by creating an affiliate marketing website.

I’m going to showing you everything. –

Researching and choosing a niche
– How to become an affiliate
– How to research and create content
– How to get traffic to your site
– How to create your website with WordPress – quickly and easy and at a low cost
– How to design a logo using free software
– How to create content
– How to add content to your website so it looks great and brings in traffic
– How to add Google Adsense to your site to earn extra revenue
And more

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Things mentioned in the video:

– Siteground: (affiliate link)
– UAE plugin: (affiliate link)
– ELEMENTOR PRO plugin: (affiliate link)
– Privacy policy video:
– Cookie Consent:
– Canva:
– iStock Photo: (affiliate link)
– free image places –
– Terms of Service document:
– Make a Pinterest graphic:

Video Timings:

00:00:00 INTRO
00:01:41 How much can an affiliate marketing website earn
00:04:39 What Affiliate Marketing actually is and how it works:
00:08:07 How much it costs to set the website up
00:11:11 STEP 1 – Researching niches and content
00:26:09 Ordering content from writers
00:31:05 STEP 2 Registering a domain name
00:37:23 STEP 3 – Setting up website hosting
00:42:30 Installing WordPress onto our new hosting
00:43:45 Setting Siteground as your DNS on your domain
00:46:16 STEP 4 – Installing my affiliate website template
00:51:41 Changing the username and password on WordPress
00:53:54 Changing the name of the website in WordPress
00:54:39 Licensing the plugins (optional)
00:59:11 Fixing the “not secure” error (if you have it)
01:01:01 STEP 5 – Changing the look and feel of your website
01:01:06 Creating a logo for your site
01:08:58 Adding your logo to the website
01:09:55 Creating and adding a site icon (favicon)
01:11:37 Editing the homepage
01:25:09 Homepage SEO
01:30:11 Editing other pages (Privacy policy, About us etc)
01:33:10 Editing the menu navigation (header and footer)
01:34:10 Editing the text in the footer widget
01:35:34 Editing the contact us page
01:37:46 STEP 6 – Adding content to your website:
01:37:47 Signing up as an AMAZON AFFILIATE (Associate)
01:46:01 Preparing our content for publishing (getting images etc)
01:49:41 Creating a Pinterest PIN for your content
01:51:14 Editing the article template I provide
01:51:15 Changing the featured images, categories, tags and URL
01:52:58 Adding the text from Word
01:53:56 Adding a Pinterest graphic to the article
01:55:09 Adding headings:
01:56:28 Adding affiliate links
02:02:08 Product comparison tables:
02:09:34 What the “swipe finger” image is for:
02:10:07 Editing the “in a hurry?” Box
02:13:54 Adding images within the text:
02:15:23 Adding the product info text and images
02:17:13 Adding YouTube videos to your content
02:19:39 Adding your affiliate links to the buttons
02:23:26 How to make a copy of existing articles (easy way to add new content)
02:24:31 How to add articles to the “popular articles” section in the sidebar
02:25:24 How to delete a post
02:26:33 Step 7 – Making your website LIVE!
02:26:39 How to turn off maintenance mode
02:27:19 Adding Google Analytics to your site to track your visitors
02:31:08 Submitting your website to Google using Google Search Console (Webmaster console)
02:34:48 Editing website categories:
02:35:51 Adding Google Adsense to your website
02:39:18 Ongoing work on your website

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