How to leverage snapchat to build your brand and market your store?

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How to leverage snapchat to build your brand and market your store?

Why should you even consider Snapchat for your marketing?

In this article, we will show you how you can use snapchat to build your brand, market your store and grow your business. First, snapchat marketing is different. So many businesses shy away from it because they do not understand it. Snapchat is not a full-blown social network, but it is far more than just a messaging app.

What makes snapchat different is that the content you share is lost forever as soon as it is consumed. And you do not have a public facing profile like on Facebook, Instagram or twitter. For these reasons, snapchat marketing may seem like a bad idea. But don’t be fooled. Snapchat’s so-called shortcomings are really its biggest strengths.

The very fact that content disappears after it has been viewed, means that there is a sense of urgency in Snapchat which is not there in the other social media options. Most users open Snapchat more than 25 times in a day and spend more than 30 minutes a day on it. The bottom line is that users are paying attention on what is happening on Snapchat.

So why else is Snapchat marketing a good idea? For a start there are 187 million daily active Snapchat users around the world. Of these, 71% are under 34 years old. So, if your target market is millennials, there is probably no better place to reach them than Snapchat.

Snapchat marketing for promotion is more of a strategy than a tactic

Now, while there is a lot of opportunity on Snapchat, it is vital to understand that Snapchat marketing is not like Facebook advertising. It is not money in, money out. Snapchat marketing is all about branding and authenticity. Branding is a strategy, not a tactic.

Snapchat marketing is more of a long-term strategy than a tactic. That is because it is primarily about branding. You cannot run ads or build a huge follower count on Snapchat, but you can build deep long-term relationships with people in your target market.

Snapchat’s power lies in its ability to engage a small community of your most avid customers on an intimate, personal level. That is what Snapchat is a strategic long-term investment. It is about deepening and strengthening your brand.

It is not width, it is depth. It is not about how many impressions you get, it is about how much attention you get. Snapchat offers depth and attention.

It is all about authenticity and transparency

The nature of the platform means you will only attract your most engage followers on Snapchat. But you can create authentic relationships with these followers on Snapchat that you simply cannot replicate anywhere else. And the best part is that these highly active and loyal customers are extremely valuable to your business.

So, what do your customers want to see on Snapchat?

First, Snapchat is not the platform for polished, professional looking content. That is not the aim of the game. Instead Snapchat users want transparent, authentic and personal content. Yes, social networking is generally about connecting with others.

But Snapchat takes this to a whole new level. Snapchat connections happen in live time with no photo editing allowed. While it may sound scary, embracing that kind of transparency is actually a wonderful thing when it comes to your brand. In fact, an enormous 94% of consumers said that they will have their loyalty to a brand that is completely transparent.

Some tips for success

By now, you know why Snapchat marketing is important for your brand. There are 2 key tactics to grow your following on Snapchat. Let us first address the biggest problem in using Snapchat. There is no way for people to find you in the app. The way to promote your Snapchat channel is to do it outside of the app. With that in mind, let us discuss tactic number one.

Sharing your handle or your Snapcode on different channels.

This is the best way to get started. You can also set your Snapcode to the picture in your profile on the other social networking channels to advertise that you are present on Snapchat. Another great idea is to feature your unique Snapcode in the emails you send out to new customers.

Why? Well, purchase receipt emails get an average open rate of 71%. Most other emails by contrast, have an average email open rate of 22%.

Now coming to tactic number two. Download and advertise your top snaps on various channels. For this tactic, simply download your snaps and form a compilation of your top performers. Then upload your compilation to different channels like Facebook video and YouTube. You can now reuse the content you have created already, and your top snaps will be archived somewhere else permanently.

So now, we hope you have got some Snapchat followers, you need to share content and promote your brand. A word of caution though, Be careful you do not do more than needed for the self-promotion snaps. A research has pointed that an enormous 45% of the followers will actually unfollow the brand if there is too much of self-promotion. It is also important to note that you cannot create outbound links on Snapchat.

Instead, you will need to create short links using a service like Bitly and then paste these links as texts in your snaps. Put daily happenings kind of content. These posts need to provide your followers an inside view of the culture of your business. Send product teasers. This will make your followers feel as if they are exclusively getting a first peek on what is coming. Reach out to Snapchat influencers.

So keep these things in mind and have a successful marketing campaign on Snapchat.

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