How Many Words Should an Affiliate Article Have? Is Amazon Affiliate Still Worth it? – Viewer FAQ #2

Iiiiiinnnnn this video I answer some more of your FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS including how long an article should be and whether Amazon affiliate is still worth it. I would love more questions so please leave yours in the comments below.


00:00 Introduction
00:46 Is Amazon Affiliate Still Worth It?
03:07 How do you know if you the topics your posting are competitive?
04:45 How many words should an affiliate article have?
05:52 Do I use the standard post widget on my affiliate site homepage?
06:22 Is there any disadvantage to having multiple affiliate programs on one site?
06:45 How do you make a copy of existing blog posts in WordPress/Elementor?
07:21 is it a good idea to embed other peoples YouTube videos in your content?

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