Get to an effective email marketing strategy in a few simple steps

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Get to an effective email marketing strategy in a few simple steps

Not affected by the existence of the other practices for digital marketing, email marketing continues to enjoy an upper hand when we look into the results of generation of leads and conversions. Be it a small business or a big business, a strategy around email marketing is a necessary element in enhancing the marketing activities for your business.

A lot of reports have pointed out that if the right kind of strategy is adopted for B2B email marketing, you stand to get six times more clicks than any twitter campaign. The efficiency parameters around email marketing have to be figured out from the fact that when compared to twitter and Facebook accounts, there are three times more of email accounts when compared to both Twitter and Facebook combined.

Now you can make out for yourself and decide as to how effective an email marketing can be for any given business. Let us now dive into the tips that will give you the power to make a productive strategy around email marketing.

Understand what your strategy for email marketing is

There are a lot of ways of using email marketing and a lot of successful organizations have used the techniques of using email for marketing and the records point to the fact that this is really a very effective method of marketing. In simpler words, to use an email for the purposes of promoting your products and services is referred to as the concept of email marketing.

This particular method can also effectively be used for building good relationships between the customers and the business owners.

This is a very effective way of getting on the pulse of your users. You can send updates with respect to your business to your customers and clients once they have subscribed to email alerts by visiting your blog or website.

Email marketing happens to be one of the earliest ways of driving campaigns in online marketing. Though, there are some people who still think that email marketing is not a serious topic and rely on other methods like marketing on social media or some other methods to achieve their means. It has already been proven that organizations which follow the strategies of email marketing end up having a much higher rate of conversion.

Using this methodology, you can get to your target audience for the regular updates with respect to your products and services. It is a very cheap medium with a really high efficiency that makes it the best kind of marketing method.

What are some of the components around email marketing?

Here are the main components of email marketing:
• Subject Lines
• Timing and Frequency
• Content
• Personalization
• Optimized for use on all devices

Subject Lines

Subject lines are probably the most important of all the components related to email marketing. The very first thing that a user will get to read is the line of the subject and it will play a very important role in how they perceive your brand. The line of the subject should be very catchy and very interesting so that it is able to attract the user into reading the following content. It has to follow the formula of emotion, value, relevancy, urgency and curiosity.

The content that you have created with so much effort will only be of any use when the user reads it and that is only feasible if they feel attracted by an attractive subject line. You have to take care of one important thing and that is to make sure that the title has to be relevant to the content inside the email, otherwise it will have a very bad impact upon the trust that the user was going to have upon your content and you.

So, always remember to ensure that the title matches the content. Just having a title that serves as a clickbait will not have any benefit in the long run.

Timing and Frequency

Now, this may not sound very appealing to a lot of people, but the timing at which you start your email campaign does have a lot of bearing on the outcomes. Your target audience may be situated in a different time zone from your time zone and that is why the timing has a bigger role to play here. You need to categorize the list of recipients as per the time zones they are in and then proceed to send the emails accordingly.

It would be really naïve to expect similar kinds of returns if you are sending similar kinds of emails to all of your audience and that too at the same point in time. As per some reports, it was observed in a lot of cases that most of the emails get sent between six in morning and mid-noon hours of the day. Now, this really is not saying that you should be sending your emails in this time period, you should first analyze your target audience first and only if you are not too sure about the timing, then you can go with this.


The content should aim to be simple and short. It must not feel like it is distracting and should just focus more on the subject. Do include visuals, such as images as they are more effective than use of mere words. The visuals that form part of an email should form the majority of the content, but at the same time, do not ignore the content completely, as it still matters and a whole lot.

There is also a possibility that one may just require a lot more content in order to describe their message. In such cases, it is recommended that one should just provide a link somewhere prominently that can direct the user to the content that is same as your website. You should be using the techniques of file optimization, since the images that are used as part of the email should be loading quickly and properly for best results.

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