Facebook marketing tips: Why should you be on Facebook

Facebook marketing tips: Why should you be on Facebook

Facebook is huge, and it is getting bigger every day. The targeting options are insane. If you are not using Facebook to market your business, you are totally missing out, but there are a lot of facets to it.

So, let us just focus on the most important ones that you need to understand to be successful on Facebook and if you take advantage of these things, you should see results and grow your business.

Run video ads

The first tip is to run video ads. Video ads on Facebook are hugely powerful and extremely effective. When we look at all the different types of ads that are run, video ads are consistently the top performing ads that you could possibly run. In addition to that you can build targeted lists of people that have watched the video a certain period of time.

For example, if somebody has watched at least 25% or 50% of the video, you could build an audience list that runs retargeting ads that runs different videos to those people. This is powerful because if they have watched at least that much of the video, it gives you an indicator to the fact that they are interested in the content and the content is relevant to them.

So if you can give additional ads to them that are different you are going to get the engagement that you want, the following that you are looking for, and eventually the business that you are looking for with regards to leads and sales. So, video ads are hugely powerful. Make sure you are taking advantage of them.


It is imperative that you have targeted campaigns that you are running. Facebook has an insane amount of ways to target the demographics and build an audience that is very relevant to what you are trying to propose and by going through Facebook that gives you ways to basically target by location so you can pick cities, you can do radiuses, states, or whatever you want to do.

You can even target by demographics like age and gender and other things like job descriptions and those kinds of things to get in front of the right type of a person that you are looking for and then you can target by interests as well.

Interest can be anything you can think of, food, travel, career, fitness, anything you could possibly and literally think of can be an interest category. So, figuring out your targeting and layering is extremely important.

Understand all the different kinds of Ad campaigns

Facebook has a lot of options and you need to know the difference between those campaigns, for example a liked campaign is different from brand campaign. Similarly, a traffic generating campaign is different than a leads campaign. They are all good and they all make sense, but only within what your actual end goal is and if it really helps you achieve your goals. So understanding the different campaign types are going to help you better understand the type of campaign you need to set up to achieve your goal.

Brand Campaign

Let us first talk of a brand campaign. A brand campaign is about getting you out there so that people recognize your brand, start getting familiar with it, understanding who you are, so that you are getting your name out in the world. One thing you want to pair with a brand campaign is checking the direct traffic on your website.

If you are looking at the analytics, don’t forget to look for direct traffic. If that increases while you are running a brand campaign, it is an indicator that you are on top of people’s minds and when they are thinking about somebody in your industry, they are thinking of you first and they are actually going directly to your website.

That is called direct traffic.

By running a brand campaign, sometimes you may not see the results directly through the Facebook campaign itself, with regards to the likes and followers and those sorts of things because it is just renting space in people’s minds.

They see you as they are working through their FB feed and it is just staying in the back of their mind, but one day when they need what you provide, they go straight to your website. That is a direct visit to your website and that is why you want to track in combination with your brand campaigns to understand how it is really performing.

Like Campaign

A like campaign is just building your following, so if you have a Facebook page in addition to running Facebook ads and you want to really build your followers organically on Facebook and also leverage those ads to get additional followers, then the like campaign works really well for this purpose.

And that is because that’s its goal and what Facebook wants to do with that type of campaign is when people see your content in the feed, they want to motivate them to click to like you. This is very powerful because it is like creating a remarketing campaign in a way because when somebody likes you, now they start seeing some of your other content that you are posting organically which you do not even have to pay for.

Now, one power tip here is to run a remarketing off your like campaign. So in other words, when somebody likes you, set up your Facebook campaign so that it adds them into a remarketing campaign as well because when they like you, it is an indicator that your content is relevant to them and it is of interest to them.

So now you know that and so you can run ads to them and you are going to really have better results with your ads because it is running to an audience that has a higher level of interest than just running shotgun approach ads.

There are many more campaign types not mentioned in this article, but we encourage you to go ahead and play with Facebook ads keeping these things in mind.

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