Creating content that will capture the attention of people in a short period of time


You may have great content on your web page, but at the same time no one gets to see it. This is quite pointless as the content will be of no value if no one gets to access it and probably get help according to his or her specific need. Startups, entrepreneurs, and even small business owners have one thing in common and that is the scarcity of time. If you fall in this category, then you may realize that you may not have any time to concentrate on white papers, videos, blogs, as well as other content types. Having great content ends up increasing your traffic and in turn, conversion rates. You will get positive referrals and more leads.

You should apply some strategies that can help you to have a connection with readers so that they can remain engaged and encourage them to share with others. Having some strategies allows you to know where you stand and exactly what needs to be done so that you can be even better.

Your audience

You need to think about your target audience. When you are dealing with formal papers such as press releases and white papers, then you may apply third person style of writing so it may be more effective. Regardless of the audience, you should always be yourself in all aspects. You should also consider addressing the audience in the second person perspective in many other settings. People actually enjoy it when they are addressed in a more personal manner. Treat them as people and they will react like people.

You should always strive to offer people the right kind of information. It is also important to inform them exactly how the information can be used to their advantage.

Conversions are usually much better when you make it a habit of using the word “you”. This tends to make the point more easily understood. Make sure you make the reader feel comfortable. Encourage them to converse even when the content has been consumed.


Time must always be respected. You cannot know the situation of each and every reader who visits your site. As such, you need to respect their time. This can be easily demonstrated by simply coming up with content that is easy to digest as they read. Create shorter paragraphs and use subheadings to keep them intrigued. Try as much as you can to stick to a particular topic. If you stray, not many people will stick around to hear the conclusion.

Your header

You need to take your time on the header. This should be related to the content completely. You should always be creative when it comes to headers. They need to be presented in a unique and an exciting way. The header can be considered as one of the most valuable assets when it comes to conversions. Do not use headlines that are meant to be click baits. They may add to the bounce rates associated with your site that could possibly mean a poor ranking with the search engine. Always ensure that the content that is in your article is actually related to the header in every sense of the word.

A magnetic header can improve traffic. Most people will click on your search result based on the topic that appears.

Avoid skipping images

The world is changing very quickly and people are becoming more visual than was originally the case in the past. One of the main things that have caused this change is the fact that there is so much to do and so little time. Because this is the case, most people appreciate good images. You should add some stunning photos on your website. A good page design and a fascinating video can mean a great deal your page.

There are many tools that can be utilized online today so that you can come up with a better design, video, and image that will help you keep the audience occupied. Even when you are adding videos and photos, you have to ensure that they are related to the content that you have, or are creating.

Enchant your audience

Everyone loves a good story. Usually, we will always stop and listen to stories regarding different matters in the world as long as you feel enchanted. The most unfortunate thing is that it is never an easy thing. Storytelling is a craft like any other and that is why so many people get discouraged in the process and give up altogether.

With time, you can always master the art depending on the audience that you are targeting. The first and most important thing is to capture the attention of the audience. Once this has been achieved, it means that you will have faithful followers. The best way to keep your audience following you is by ensuring that you give them something new every once in a while.


The hardest part is creating content that people can actually relate to. It needs to be relevant at all times; otherwise, people will simply lose interest before you capture their attention fully. When you manage to come up with great content, then you are one-step towards achieving your goals.

After creating content that you feel is worth attention, you need to let people know about it. You should promote yourself in every platform that is available to you. Social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and so on offer great opportunities. It is, however, important to pick the platform that is most appropriate depending on where most prospects are.

You will definitely need to take some time and make a thorough research before you settle for on the platform. You may have to work harder on some platforms than others to get the kind of attention that you seek and possibly improve your ROI. It always makes more sense to target specific audience, according to what you are selling. When this has been achieved, you have the reins and can direct your followers in any way you want.

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