Content is King – With Shaun Marrs #shorts

Starting Your Own Business in 2013

Over the last five years the world has changed dramatically. And none more than if you are looking to start your own business. The so-called ‘traditional economy’ which is made of bricks and mortar businesses is really suffering. But there is a new economy which is growing. This new economy is the digital economy.

Making Your Business HOT

Making and keeping your business hot is about providing fuel to fire the buzz. Having something new and exciting taking place on a continual basis is a big part of how this is done. Don’t get complacent. Getting hot takes work, staying hot requires you to keep it up.

Why You Must Maintain Your Online Reputation

If you are a business, do you understand why you must maintain a stellar online reputation? Read this article to learn how to prevent and avoid any online negativity for your business!

Unbelievable Marketing – NOT

Companies spend lots of money of marketing, both online and in traditional media. Sometimes, with a bit more thought and care they can avoid those bloomers which can kill their businesses. This is particularly true online.

Eight Steps to Opt-In Success

A fundamental part of a successful internet business should be about building a list of opt-in subscribers. This article looks at eight vital ingredients for your landing page to help make the most of traffic to your site and encourage the opt-in.

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