Chat with Mo (He FLIPPED A WEBSITE FROM $2,700 to $24,000 in 12 MONTHS!)

Iiiiiinnnn this video I chat with WP Eagle viewer, Mo, who flipped a website that he picked up in a Facebook group for $2,700. After 12 months work he was able to sell it for $24,000!

During the call he shares loads of great tips and ideas on website flipping including where to find sites to buy, the tools he used to health check the site and the actions he took to add value.

If you’re interested in Mo’s new service get in touch with him:


Here’s what it includes in the Operator Service:
* Project Management 
* On-Site SEO, including a full site audit. 
* Content analysis, full content audit and help with Keyword research, 
* Finding Content, Formatting & Adding content 
* Finding reputable links agency or webmasters & Ordering it 
* Theme, Plugin & Site speed optimisation 
* Overall site maintenance & monitorin

The Flipping Websites Facebook Group:

AHrefs Tools:
Linkwhisper Internal Link tool: (affiliate link)

00:00 Introduction
02:40 Mo Introduces himself
04:00 Is the Pet Niche competitive?
04:55 What improvements did you think you could make to the site?
06:02 How did you push the website pages ranking on page 2 to page 1?
06:59 What’s the name of the Facebook group you picked up the site from?
07:32 Details of the site
09:38 What tasks did you carry out on the site?
13:29 What new content did?
14:28 Did you write the cont ent yourself?
15:09 How much content did you add to the website?
16:30 The link building process
22:40 Revenue and traffic before the sale
23:45 Amazon Affiliate Vs Other Merchants
25:23 Details of the website sale
28:34 Mo’s new project

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