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Ideas for businesses to follow a successful marketing strategy on Facebook

Let us be honest on this topic – Facebook is showing no signs of slowing down. There are already more than 1.87 billion monthly users who are active on Facebook and this includes a 17% hike in the last 2 years. For the sake of your business, your brand and your enterprise company, you just cannot avoid this channel if you are really seriously trying to create any sort of worthwhile play over the marketing channels offered by these social media giants.

Your marketing strategy towards Facebook has to have something unique about it. There is an ocean full of potential consumers that you can get to on Facebook. However, because it is a large pool, it becomes harder to bifurcate and figure out your own spot in this space.

So, here we lay down some points that will help you to create your strategy to market on Facebook:

Create goals for Facebook which directly impact the biggest needs

No matter what marketing strategy you read, they would all probably suggest that you should be creating goals which are specific to your market. The very reason why everybody makes a mention of this happens to be because these goals are the most essential elements that address your marketing needs.

If you are in the process of considering the use of Facebook for your marketing or are looking at improving upon a pre-existing strategy, then you definitely have some basic needs.

Do not end up creating unrealistic goals for yourself that just end up chasing worthless metrics like Likes and number of followers. Instead of that, pay attention to your biggest problems with Facebook or the social media as a general topic via appropriate tools for tracking.

Here is a list of some very common yearly goals that businesses can set and how can an effective strategy for Facebook be created around that:

• Increase the quality of your sales: Improving the basic quality of your sales begins with a better targeting. With a very well planned marketing strategy for Facebook, you will be able to reach your targeted audience more effectively. Just the fact that the pond is big, does not mean that you will find the big fish easily. Just keep on working on what you understand the best and put Facebook to use as an informant to improve upon where you can reach.

• Add more value for the company: Facebook can help to better nurture your customers. Do it right and you could be improving the awareness and providing more resources for your target audience. Go ahead and turn Facebook into your prime source when it comes to getting information.

• Have a better pulse of the industry: Are you observing that your competition is always a step ahead of you? Using proper monitoring tools on Facebook, you will be able to track, listen to and report on the entire conversations that revolve around you on Facebook, and also about your competition and the industry.

• Recruit more efficiently: No one ever said that recruiting via Facebook is going to be easy. However, Facebook can really be a wonderful source to increase your efforts in recruiting and reaching top talent much faster. If you go through your employees’ Facebook networks to get a larger reach, you will find that this makes the chances of you recruiting high quality employees a lot easier.

• Grow smartly: Spending within limits and increases in acquisitions are all signs of a growing business, but Facebook has the potential to help you out in all of such areas. Whether it may be through the money spent on ads, increasing your targeting or more selling on social, just addressing the marketing strategy for Facebook can definitely help you in getting closer to those goals.

Now, these goals will now address the needs of everyone, but you should be able to get a feel of how having a better Facebook media marketing may affect the whole organization. You may have heard it thousands of times, you need to work smarter, not really harder.

Pick and schedule your Facebook content

Every social network out there has its own variety of content, though Facebook seems to go a little different way. With the stories from Facebook, going live, sharing video and image posts, the content strategy for your brand now has many more opportunities.

When it comes to your business, it is all about quality of the content and what is it that your targeted audience has come to expect from the business page on Facebook for your organization. Do remember that if you end up being mostly promotional, it will have its downsides. As per some studies that have been carried out, almost 60% of the users on social media have said that too many promotional postings seemed to be considered the biggest put off by the brands.

Your Facebook page should not look like a car lot that is full of salesmen who are ready to pounce. The kind of content that you create should be entertaining, helpful and found compelling by your target audience. People already know that they are going to get the elevator pitch from your ad or website. This however does not mean that the social networks, especially when it comes to Facebook, can be home for your promotional activities.

Just focus on highlighting the values of your brand, try to identify your target audience and create some space that is just unique to the company you represent.
So, you do understand the importance your content has, but do you know what kind of content will work the best in case of your brand? We recommend you take a stab at the various kinds of plain vanilla Facebook content and what you can do to make the best use of each of them. This should be tailored to your specific targeted audience.

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