Online Marketing – what all should you be doing to be effective

online marketing

Online Marketing – what all should you be doing to be effective

Online marketing is moving at a very high pace, almost the speed of lightning. It takes a lot to keep up. You have to have a very strong foundation along with the judgment that helps you think critically, act in an independent manner and be very creative.

This is what this article intends to do. It will work towards removing your mental blocks so that you can stay ahead of the curve in this aggressive industrial environment. Once you are done reading this article, you will feel more confident in developing the marketing strategy for your business.

Keep a sharp eye on your customers

Your partners, prospects and most importantly, your customers are the life and blood for your business. Your marketing strategy should be built around them. The first step in marketing is getting to know what your customers want.

This can be very challenging if you have a very diverse audience. You have to be adept in the being able to build connections on a massive scale. You also need to very good at framing value propositions for your customers and funneling them back so that they result in higher ROI for your company.

Build a framework for your marketing

Campaigns are the things for marketers who are mediocre in their approach. Great marketers tend to think about high growth frameworks. Always be thinking about positioning your strategy in marketing in such a way that it results in a sustainable, positive revenue engine ROI for your company.

Shallow branding days are long gone. Leverage all the metrics you can in order to create a solid stream of revenue.

Develop a story for your brand

Customers are thinking with both their emotional and rational parts of their brain when they are spending any money. The best working frameworks for marketing address both these sides. One of the most powerful tools which your company can use to build on customer connections is story telling.

Bring them to your website

You may be having the most amazing product, blog or web front in the whole wide world, but if you are not getting much traffic, the business growth strategy at your company is bound to fall flat on its face. There are a lot of free commonly used, both paid and free, traffic acquisition frameworks that you can use to your advantage to bring home the traffic.

Get your plumbing right – Optimize your conversion

Being able to acquire traffic is just only a half of the equation in marketing. You need to be investing time in building a strategy to drive sales from the traffic that is now coming to your website. You need to be thinking in terms of conversion now. Conversion refers to the practice of converting your visitors who have come to your website the first time into customers. It also refers to converting your first time consumers into repeat buying people.

Use content marketing – Build connections with audiences

Content marketing is not limited to just blogging, it is more than just that. When done right, content includes guides, webinars, articles and videos. These all can be proven to be very powerful drivers of growth when it comes to your business. You should be focusing on building a level of trust and always have an eye to produce amazing quality content. And while you are doing this do not forget to ensure that you capture the right kind of metrics. So, get in the habit of creating good content which will result in generating high ROI. Also keep measuring the appropriate results.

Use paid advertising to find customers

You must have come across paid channel marketing in some form somewhere when you are on the internet. Some other terms used for this are SEM (Search Engine Marketing), online advertising, PPC (Pay per Click) or CPC (Cost per Click) marketing. Marketers often use one or the other of these terms to point to the same concept – it refers to purchasing traffic with the help of online advertisements.

A lot of marketers usually try to stay away from such techniques because they all cost money. If you also happen to have the same perspective, you will be putting yourself in a position of significant disadvantage.

It has been found that it is very common to find companies that are running Pay per Click campaigns without any capped budgets. Why would they do so? Simple, this is because they are making good money doing this. Nobody will dump their money into paid ads if they are losing money.

Amplify connections – Email Marketing

Email marketing has a really bad reputation and there is a good reason for it. This is because in most of the cases, a lot of bad marketers use it to spam. Email marketing can prove to be very powerful if it is done correctly. The secret is to give priority to the human to human connection instead of just focusing on the sale. Now, we understand that they are mostly automated, but you still need to be balancing this automation along with some form of personal touch.

Use Affiliate Marketing – get incremental sales

It is so hard to imagine that the internet has been around for multiple decades now and affiliate marketing has also been around since the very early times when it comes to online marketing.

It has proven to be a great solution for risk adverse businesses or the ones who do not have enough money to have a budget for the upfront costs of marketing.
You should definitely consider affiliate marketing as it will build another revenue stream which will help your eCommerce as well as B2B business.

Use SEO techniques – be found

Search engines have now become such an effective channel in helping you connect with new audiences. Companies like Bing and Google are always looking to ensure the best experience for their customers. The first step in having a strong strategy around SEO is to ensure that the content on your website and the products featured there are as best as possible.

The next step is to communicate that information over to the search engines so you can rank as high as possible. The world of SEO is very competitive and has a reputation as that of the black arts.

So, go on and take control of your online marketing and yes, do not forget social media – that is an entire new subject in itself.

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