A few useful tips for businesses to make effective use of Twitter for marketing


A few useful tips for businesses to make effective use of Twitter for marketing

Make use of tools from twitter and get more done

The website and the apps provided by twitter are awesome for the purposes of sending an occasional tweet or a direct message. However, in order to manage your marketing on twitter on a large scale, you will need to have the right kind of tools to get the job done.

Here are some of the things that the tools from twitter can help you get things done better and faster:

• Generate more leads by getting to know more about audience who is in the process of engaging with you and your brand, why is it that they are sharing content from you, and who is it that they are sharing with.
• Look for the influencers in the industry and connect with them.
• Continue to analyze your competitors and try to find out detailed information regarding their tweets, hashtags, mentions, followers and more such things.
• Find out the topics that are trending by hashtags, content, sources, search terms and etc.
• Always try to add and edit images on your tweets
• Keep a finger on who you are following (and unfollowing) in order to add precious new information on your twitter feeds; also keep removing spammy and inactive followers.
• Have a good timing for your posts so that you get maximum impact using tools which analyze your tweets as well as tweets from your followers.

Now that your toolbox on twitter is all ready and stocked up, it is now time to pay your attention towards creating a fabulous profile.

Build an awesome Twitter profile

A fully completed and strategically created profile on twitter does a lot more than just putting a pretty looking face on the twitter account of the organization. It goes a long way in building trust within your target audience, improving how your organization appears in the search results, and provides your consumers a real time, direct channel for reaching out with their questions and applause towards your organization. Here are some tips on getting it right:

Write up a great bio data

Twitter allows you to use a lot less number of characters when it comes to your bio data than it does for your tweets (160, as compared to a higher 280 for tweets) but you will still like to make the maximum impact on all the words that you use (and hashtags). It does not matter whether you are in the process of creating a new bio data from scratch or are looking towards freshening up an existing profile, you need to do a good job at it.

Have your profile completed and optimized

An optimized profile on twitter that has been strategically thought through can do a lot more than just sharing your name, description and handle. You can quickly boost the visual effect of your twitter profile by the virtue of a few quick changes. Always stay targeted to a definitive general area or physical location. Try to help your customers find out about the other twitter accounts that your company is also managing. Also, make it simpler for the people to have a conversation with the brand and begin conversations around your products.

Show off that you have been verified

When the people know that you have been verified on twitter, they can be assured that they come to trust the content coming from you and the brand that you represent. It is easy to get verified on twitter and you will earn the valuable blue colored “verified” check mark appearing just next to the account name.

Now of course, if you have invested so much time and energy in creating a world class profile, you would want to ensure that your target audience can actually get to it. Feel free to add the twitter handle on your website, your email signature, on the sides of the delivery trucks, and wherever it does make sense in showing it off.

Keep listening and learning

If the strategy that you are following is just focused on the use of twitter to just broadcast content for your followers, then you are not getting the most advantage out of your Twitter account’s huge potential as the platform for social hearing.

You should try to listen to and understand completely as to what the twitter following is currently talking about, it doesn’t matter if people are mentioning you and your brand directly or not. What are the topics that they may be interested in? What kind of content are they going to respond to? Who all are they engaging with? All of these are important factors that need to be considered while you are engaging in listening on the social media.

The things that you need to listen to should include:

• The name of your brand (including misspelt words)
• About your competition (again, including misspelt words)
• The buzzwords in the industry
• The slogans of the brand
• About your CEO and names of the public representatives (including misspelt words)
• Names of campaigns and keywords

One other main reason for you to listen to social media on twitter is so that you are able to spot experts and influencers in your industry. Almost 40% of the users on twitter say that they have ended up making a purchase because they found it on a tweet from an industry influencer, and 49% say that they do rely on the industry influencers when they are looking for recommendations on products.

Here are some of the tools that you should be using:

• Advanced search on twitter helps you in narrowing down the searches. It allows you to search by a negative or a positive sentiment when exploring the relevant hashtags and a lot more.

• Hootsuite helps you to easily set up different streams which allow you in not only monitoring the conversations and the keywords, but also respond to or assign the responses to someone on the team. Also with Hootsuite insights, one is able to monitor networks around social media, sources of news, and also blogs to learn all about the current trends, comprehend the conversations that are happening about your brand, and figure out which content is actually resonating with the target audience.

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